The Piccinini Flute Studio consists of students from across the United States, Europe and Asia. With a cultivated balance of undergraduate and graduate flutists, the studio offers a wide range of musical thought and practical application in private and master class settings, as well as through a wide range of collaborations and projects within the school and the community.

Michael Bloomberg Gives $1.8 Billion to Johns Hopkins for College Financial Aid

As a direct result of this remarkable and indeed historic gift, Peabody will receive a $50,000,000 contribution to its endowment.  The expressed purpose of the gift is to increase access and affordability to undergraduate education for students in the United States. Beginning in the fall of 2019, Johns Hopkins will be a loan-free institution. We will replace all undergraduate student loans with scholarships, and we will reduce overall family contributions to financial aid. This will make admissions at Hopkins forever need-blind; finances will never again factor into decisions. The school will be able to offer more generous levels of financial aid, replacing loans for many students with scholarship grants. It will ease the burden of debt for many graduates. And it will make the campus more socioeconomically diverse.


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